Dental Crown

Dental Crowns or Caps are a common treatment used for rebuilding broken teeth or teeth that have been heavily filled and are at a high risk of breaking or cracking.

A dental crown reinforces a weakened tooth by holding together the remaining tooth structure.

The Tooth Company is one of a few clinics in New Zealand to offer the latest CEREC Omnicam – a method of manufacturing and designing crowns on computer software.

dental crowns
dental crowns

How are Crowns made ?

Crowns are either made by a lab technician or computer designed and machine milled. Having the luxury of both options available allows the dentist to make the decision of what solution suits based on each individual case.

In general crowns on front teeth are sent to our dental technician as a high level of esthetics is required and this is best done by hand. For back teeth Computer designed crowns milled out of a machine offer superior fit and strength – essential for this high stress area.

What is a crown made out of ?

Currently 90% of the crowns we construct are Ivoclar Emax Crowns. These crowns have revolutionized dentistry – the material is extremely hard and lifelike, it also has the advantage of being bonded to the tooth, reducing the risk of crowns ‘coming out’.

Other less common crown types are gold crowns – porcelain fused to metal crowns –zirconia crowns.

dental crowns

How long do Crowns last for ?

Various study͛s have shown that the long term survival rate of crowns is 90% at 30 years.

How Much do Crowns cost ?

The cost of a crown depends on the location. Front teeth with high cosmetic demands cost $1950 and back teeth cost $1650. If multiple crowns are required then a bulk discount will be applied.

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