Root Canal Treatment

Needing a Root Canal can create a bit of anxiety,”Does it hurt?”, “Do they work?” The truth is root canal treatment is painless thanks to modern anaesthetics and performed correctly they are a very successful treatment.

A root canal is required when the nerve inside of a tooth becomes infected (abscess) or is dead (necrotic) and this is often accompanied by toothache. The nerve lives inside of the root of a tooth. A root canal treatment cleans the infected nerve out of the root space and the root space is then sealed to prevent reinfection.

root canal

Root Canal Treatments are typically performed over three appointments:

Appointment 1

Partial Pulpectomy (Pain Relief))
The dentist will place a medicated dressing in the tooth. The tooth is usually dressed for 7 days. The majority of the toothache pain should subside within 12-24 hours following this stage of treatment.

Appointment 2

Cleaning and Shaping
The dentist begins the widening of the root canal spaces to allow for special cleaning irrigants to penetrate and disinfect the canals down to the end of the root. Once cleaned and disinfected the tooth is then redressed and a temporary filling is placed. The next appointment is usually a week later.

Appointment Three

Sealing Once the tooth has settled and is pain free the disinfected root canal is sealed to prevent reinfection.

Do I need a crown after my Root Canal Treatment?

We always recommend a Dental Crown once root canal treatment has been completed. The reason for this is when a root canal is finished the tooth is often very weak and fragile and If the tooth is not crowned you run the risk of a crack splitting the tooth and the tooth being lost.

How Much do Root Canals Cost?

There is a lot of variation in the anatomy of root canals between Individuals. The number of canals determines the fee. Molars are always the most complex root canal treatments as they have up to 5 canals to clean and seal.

Root Canals Price Range $1400 (Incisor) -$2200(Molar)
Partial Pulpectomy – Relief of Pain $600