Cerec – Computer Aided Crowns

At The Tooth Company we are fortunate to be one of a handful of practices around New Zealand offering the latest CEREC Ominicam.

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What is the CEREC Omicam ?

It is a computer system that scans and designs teeth on specialized computer software and then machines a tooth/crown out of a ceramic block.

The latest software and system gives a full 3D color scan of the mouth and the software can be used to design crowns, bridges and veneers.

What are the benefits of CEREC Omnicam ?

In our modern busy lives, swift and efficient treatment options are a necessity and the CEREC system certainly provides this. This technology allows the dentist to perform crowns in a single visit – without the need for temporary crowns and also eliminating the need for molds or impressions.

Does this technology cost extra ?

In many cases the cost is actually less – as the procedure is more efficient and there is less chair time required.