Kiwis are a little slack when it comes to getting along to the dentist. Figures show that as little as 1 in 2 adults visit the dentist on a regular basis.  

Well, here’s a little bit of Tooth Co  advice – the best money spent at the dentist is a simple visit to a Dental Hygienist. On a regular basis, seeing a hygienist can prevent many debilitating dental conditions and it wont break the bank. 

A trip to the dental hygienist can help:

Bleeding Gums – Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation. This can lead to the break down of the supporting tissues around your teeth. Over a period of time this break down can lead to periodontitis (gum disease). If caught at a late stage, the result can be tooth loss. 

The main cause of bleeding gums is plaque and tarter build up.  Removal of this build up by scale and prophylaxis and with some oral hygiene coaching; your gums can be restored to a healthy state. With recent research proving a link between gum disease and heart disease, it’s vital to keep your gums healthy. 

Bad Breath – Bad Breath or Halitosis, commonly occurs from poor oral hygiene but can also be a sign of other conditions, such as Diabetes, dehydration, and Chronic Respiratory Conditions. Often Halitosis is very easy to treat; with a combination of cleaning and oral hygiene coaching we can easily manage this embarrassing condition.

 Stained/Discoloured Teeth – If you enjoy any of the following: smoking, red wine, coffee/tea, curry’s etc, then you are staining your teeth. Stains can sit either on the tooth surface (extrinsic) or in the tooth (intrinsic). Extrinsic stains can easily be lifted by prophylaxis, a mild form of abrasion.  Intrinsic stains need to be broken down by Tooth Whitening solutions. We offer both in-chair and take home tooth whitening. Both of these solutions are safe, easy ways to remove stains from your teeth.