Cosmetic Dentistry

Is cosmetic dentistry right for you?

Our smile should be our greatest gift – yet for many it causes the greatest embarrassment. Missing teeth, broken teeth, rotten teeth and crooked teeth– these dental conditions ruin our desire to smile.

A common view is that perfect smiles are restricted to the rich and famous and that the ‘average Joe Blogs’ is just stuck with what he is born with. The cases below dispel that little myth – all Kiwis all different backgrounds – all with the same thing in common – they were too embarrassed to smile.

If your unhappy with any element of your smile you don’t need to sit back and hide.

At The Tooth Company we can provide good honest advice and tailor a plan to fulfill expectations large or small.

View some of our cosmetic dentistry case examples which show a variety of work including dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges and teeth whitening.