Dentures have been around since the 7th century in Northern Italy where human teeth or animal teeth where used to replace missing teeth. These days they are still a common treatment but thankfully materials have evolved with the use of artificial acrylic or porcelain teeth that provide very natural results.

Dentures are a cost effective option if you have missing teeth and would like a replacement. They come in all shapes and sizes and are customised for each individuals mouth.

The two types available are Full Dentures or Partial Dentures

They can also be stabilised with the use of dental implants.

Full Dentures

As the name suggests full dentures replace all of your teeth.

They use the remaining gum and tissues in the mouth to hold in place. At times this is not enough to keep the denture stable and implants are required to clip it in place.

A denture is made up of two components : the base plate and the prosthetic teeth. The base plates for them are usually acrylic (pink Plastic) and the teeth can either be porcelain or acrylic. There are literally thousands of different options of tooth colours and shapes that the dental technician has to choose from.

Overtime full dentures can loosen as the jaw shape changes. A procedure called a reline can be used to refit them.


Partial Dentures

We are now holding on to our teeth longer and longer, full dentures used to be the more common treatment however partial dentures are quickly overtaking them. They are supported in place by the remaining teeth. This gives the it more grip and results in less movement than a full denture.

A partial denture is only as good as the neighbouring natural teeth it is anchored by so it is important to keep the remaining teeth in good health.

Chrome Cobalt

  • Metal Base
    Less bulk
    More expensive with metal component
    Difficult to modify if more teeth are lost


  • Plastic base
    More fragile
    Can be bulky
    Less expensive
    Easy to modify if more teeth lost

How do I care for my dentures ?

Daily cleaning is recommended. Plaque and tarter can build up on false teeth just as they do on natural teeth. Specialised cleaners can be purchased from the supermarket or over the counter at a pharmacy. They should be removed from the mouth overnight to let the oral tissues breath.

How much do they cost?

Full Dentures $3000 per arch (Upper or Lower) Partial Dentures Acrylic FROM $1200 Partial Dentures Chrome Cobalt FROM $2400