Guards (Mouth guards / Snore guards)

Mouth guards and snore guards – who needs them and what are they for?

Bite Splint/Night Guard

60% of the population grind their teeth at nighttime, a habit called bruxism.

Overtime this can be very destructive to the teeth and can also cause headaches, jaw ache and neck pain.

The treatment for grinding involves constructing a specialized guard that protects your teeth from wearing over each other at night. Night Guards are made in a specialized laboratory to ensure precise fit and strength.

The cost of a bite splint is $750 and a snore guard $780 – depending on the design and material that your dentist feels is right for you.

mouth guard
mouth guard

Sports Mouth guards

The Tooth Company being a main ACC provider in Auckland sees a lot of sporting injury’s and these could have often been prevented by wearing properly fitted sports mouth guards.

The old boil in water guards are unfortunately inadequate for proper protection of your teeth and jaws.

A custom made sports mouth guard will cost a lot more however it is a small price to pay should an injury occur.

Molds are taken of your teeth and then the mouth guard is made within a laboratory customized to fit your teeth. These cost $280.