Tooth Extraction

The Tooth Company provides a full range of Oral Surgery options from simple tooth extraction to wisdom teeth removal and also dental implant placement. We have a team of experienced dental surgeons many with house surgeon experience in various hospitals around the country. We also have a visiting Oral Surgeon and are an affiliated provider with Southern Cross Healthcare.

tooth extraction

Do I need a tooth extraction ?

Tooth extraction is often required when a tooth is in such bad condition that repair is not possible, this is often accompanied by pain and infection. The dentist will take an XRay at your consultation to assess the condition of the tooth and also the difficulty in removal.

Does it hurt to have a tooth extracted ?

Fortunately, modern day local anesthetics make removing a tooth completely painless. If the thought of removing a tooth still makes you anxious then it may be worth looking at the various sedation options available.

What are my options if I am left with a Gap?

There are four options available
1.Leave the gap. The jaw bone will heal over
2.Denture Tooth
3.Dental Bridge
4.Dental Implant

How much does it cost to have a Tooth Extracted ?

In many cases private health insurance covers the removal of a tooth.

If you do not have private health insurance than the cost is dependent on the difficulty of the removal – your dentist would assess the difficulty at the consultation appointment and advise you of the cost.