Dental Sedation

Most people say their biggest fear of the dentist is pain however their fears often run deeper than that.

Most people are scared of the unknown and lack of control in a situation which they are potentially very vulnerable.

Dental anxiety usually originates in childhood – it is where the developing brain is most impressionable to an unpleasant traumatic experience. This fear is deeply ingrained and is often irrational to adults however it is important to manage this anxiety correctly.

At The Tooth Company we pride ourselves on our management of anxious patients and our award winning clinics have been designed with anxious patients in mind to providing calm –relaxed environments.

What options are available for nervous patients receiving dental treatment ?

A good patient – dentist relationship

The more anxious the patient, the more important it is to be kind, calm and make them feel at ease.


We always book an anxious patient in for longer. The treatment usually takes just as long but this gives nervous patients the time to ask questions – feel in control and to get comfortable.

Oral Dental Sedation

A sedative tablet is taken before the dental appointment. This relieves the feelings of anxiety and is great for short appointments if a patient needs just a clean or a filling.

Intravenous Dental Sedation (IV) – $700

The sedative is injected through a line, that is placed in the patients arm. It works very well and quickly to achieve a deep level of sedation. This is great for longer procedures or for complex procedures like wisdom tooth removal.

Inhalation Dental Sedation – $95/15min

A mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is delivered in varying concentrations nasally. Nitrous oxide has been effective in dentistry for many years in reducing anxiety and also helps with pain control. This is a great form of sedation as patients rebound quickly, its perfect for paediatric dentistry and useful for shorter appointments.

(Smales Farm Only)