Toothache for Xmas ? No need to worry – we are open throughout the Xmas break.

Our Smales Farm (Takapuna) and Eastridge (Eastern Bays) practices are open from 9am – 4pm daily. We are closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. We are back to normal hours on the 9th of January. If you need to book an emergency or urgent appointment you can call Smales Farm on 094109971 or Eastridge on 095212021 or book online. We ask for your patience over this busy period and we will endeavour to get you sorted as quickly as possible. Merry Xmas and a happy new year from the team at Tooth Co.

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Our waiting room magazines are not from 1998.

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Our waiting room magazines are not from 1998.

Our Mission.

We’re on a mission to make dentistry great again… Well, OK dentistry’s never been overly great. But we’re on a mission to make it great. Times are changing. We like to think it’s as simple as people are more aware and care more. About everything. Coffee’s not just coffee, beer certainly isn’t just beer. Our standards are lifting and we’re starting to question ‘the way things are’. It’s pushing us to be better, be different and offer something new. We had plenty of frustrations when it came to dental clinics. We found others shared them too. Most weren’t places we wanted to be, let alone work and welcome others into. So we started one of our own. We traded in the stark white walls and weirdly white teeth posters for something we felt was real. We worked closely with designers and architects to create spaces and experiences that were warm and welcoming. We appreciate that having someone’s hands in your mouth poking and pulling isn’t the greatest feeling but we’ve focussed on the things we can change. So here we are.

Our Vision.

We have no plans on taking over the world, we are quite happy setting up shop in little old New Zealand. We do however have big plans here. We are inspired by all the amazing unique brands we have in New Zealand and we are aiming to be the most recognized down to earth Kiwi dental brand. We have the loyalty and trust of over 45000 Kiwi mouths and we endeavour to provide the same high level of care for many more Kiwis. Being New Zealand Family owned and Operated we treat our patients like family. None of the big corporate red tape and all of the warm fuzzies of being unique and small – well the little guys aiming for big things and giving the industry a good old shake up in the process. Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy our journey.

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