The Tooth Company

When a Dentist meets a new person and that person finds out the Dentist is a Dentist, the person often covers their teeth and then they talk about Dentistry. Or rather they talk about what the person doesn’t like about a trip to the dentist.

After a while this got my goat and I decided it was time for something different. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be that hard.

So when I listened to peoples stories I started asking them what could be better. People wanted a more welcoming clinic, less smoke and mirrors, more flexible hours, dentists who they could relate to, and dentists who listened and worked with their situation.

So I did all that and the Tooth Company was born. And it is growing. Because it turns out patients do like being treated like people and valued clients. They do like a different attitude to dentistry!

Dr Andrew Campbell
Founder of The Tooth Company®