What ‘s your advice to people who are unhappy with their smiles?

“Start with a smile assessment to work out exactly what you’re unhappy about. We can do mock- ups of what we can achieve, which helps you to
see the possible end result. Anything is possible! A makeover is a very rewarding experience for both the patient and the dentist – there’s nothing like seeing someone walk away with a new smile.”

How do celebrities get such perfect smiles?

“Celebrities constantly get whitening treatments and they also have a tendency to do cosmetic treatments on their teeth such as orthodontics , crowns and veneers.”

What are veneers and who would need them?

“Veneers are a fabricated fac ing for the front surfaces of teeth, made out of either composite (whiteplastic-based material) or ceramic. Veneers can be used to reshape teeth, close gaps or whiten and lighten teeth, and can dramatically
change someone’s appearance within a few weeks. They ‘re perfect for people who have chipped or worn teeth, who want to recreate their smile for cosmetic reasons.”

What are your thoughts on the ‘Hollywood’ smile?

“This look is achievable and while some celebrity smiles look great, I feel the best looking smiles are the ones that look the most natural. That means sticking within the shade and shape range of your natural teeth rather than bright white, which can look unnatural. I guess it depends on what look you’re after, the ‘Hollywood’ smile or your best smile – but both are very achievable .”

What are the best modern methods of straightening teeth?

“To straighten teeth you have to move teeth, and tooth movement is achieved by the
orthodontic field of dentistry. There are various options available, but one of the treatments with the most growth is lnvisalign – a series of clear retainers which can correct minor positioning issues. Most orthodontic treatments range between $6,000-$12,000.

What options do you recommend for teeth whitening?

“I recommend a combination approach of in-chair whitening for instant results and take home whitening for final touch-ups afterwards (or used alone for people with sensitive teeth). We use the Opalessence in-chair whitening range and take home kits, and have great results with these products. Touch- ups every few months are easy and cost effective.”

Do whitening toothpastes really work?

“Most whitening toothpastes work by abrasion, and I have seen cases of
excess abrasion from these toothpastes whereby enamel has been removed.

Are there at-home treatments for improving your smile?

“Using a re­ mineralising agent such as Tooth Mousse can re-harden your teeth, reducing the risk of dental decay and preventing erosion. Chewing gum is helpful to increase saliva flow which is naturally protective for the teeth – especially after eating. Avoiding sweet and acidic food and beverages is also beneficial.”

Are there payment options involved for more expensive procedures?

“We have recently joined Q Card which allows for long-term interest-free finance for more extensive treatment plans. I always discuss all the options with our patients, and we’re happy to work with them on a plan for payment.”

What are some common signs that you need to see a dentist? “Bleeding gums, toothache, sensitivity to heat/cold/ sweetness, spontaneous pains, broken teeth or anything in your mouth that feels out of the ordinary or has changed.

People put off going to the dentist due to costs, but catching small problems early can often prevent major treatment and save money in the long run. Most people should see the dentist on an annual basis.”